Rhinoreto Fillet Knives

Benefits at a glance

The blade is the heart of a knife. Rhinoreto filleting knives use a type of Stainless Steel  that offers the perfect balance between corrosion resistance and sharp edge. The blade retains all the flexibility needed to bend upon different fish sizes while its curved profile and pointy tip make your filleting operations as easy as 1, 2, 3!

The non-stick coating helps the meat slide off easily. The fillet knife can be used for filleting freshwater and saltwater fish species.

The special ultra-slick makes the blade far smoother than conventional filleting knives. This ensures faster, easier and cleaner filleting of all kinds of fish meat. Cut and slice with just a flick of the wrist for perfect, boneless fillets every time!

The handle of a knife is just as important as the blade, and Rhinoreto provides you with ultimate grip with its non-slip rubber compound handle. You will always get a firm grip even with the hands wet or covered in fish mucus. The guard extends 360 degrees around the anatomically-shaped handle, ensuring an increased level of safety.

The specially designed sheath is made from solid plastic and ported one end to another. This ensures that even if you store the knife wet in its sheath, the blade will air-dry naturally, preventing bad odors and any kind of potential rust.

Nothing is more dangerous than a dull knife. For the best filleting experience, keep the blade as sharp as you want it with the included double-sided, ergonomic sharpener. It’s easy to hold and will sharpen your knife again with the minimum of effort (a few dozens of strokes). Stainless steel blades are corrosion resistant, but they tend to lose their edge. Not yours, not with this handy, free sharpener!

Important notice

1.  Keep in mind that due to the softer nature of stainless steel alloys, these blades offer higher corrosion resistance but they tend to lose their edge faster, depending on the frequency of use. Use the included sharpener to restore the sharpness of the blade when needed.

2.  We recommend you wash the knives by hand.

3.  Always wipe the knife’s blade with a towel after rinsing it and make sure it’s completely dry before storing it in its sheath.

4.  Rhinoreto Fillet Knives are precision instruments meant for fish filleting only, so please avoid using them to cut heavier or thicker bones.

5.  These are a sharp products, handle with care. Not suitable for children.